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Isn't It Time You Get The... Business You Deserve?

Top Real Estate Agents Aren't Born...They Are Coached and Consulted!

Most Real Estate Agents Know What They Need To Do Daily, But For Some Reason They Just Don't. I Have Created A Framework That Helps Agents Produce A Consistent Pipeline Of Business That Funds Their Perfect Life.

Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life...With My 60 Minute Complimentary Strategy Session

By 1st being HEARD, 2nd being NOTICED and ultimately 3rd by being KNOWN as a "Real Estate Authority" so you can have a relationship based business versus a transactional based business.

I help you do this by focusing on these 4 areas...

Action Management Skills

Communication Skills

Sales Skills

Leadership Skills


Meet Mike...

I am someone who through frustration, failures, blind spots and dead ends decided to master skill sets… I have been focused on improving my mindset daily… I decided to get into massive action daily, the grind… and most of all I have never given up. I have spent my entire career following my passion. I have over 22 years in the real estate business as a top performing agent, sales manager, team leader, recruiter, a broker... plus a leader for one of the nation's top real estate teams.

Along this journey I discovered “The FLAW” in the real estate industry and have been driven to reverse the nasty statistics that 87% of Realtors fail after 5 years and only 13% make it. By asking myself this question daily… “What would it take to turn that statistic upside down and create an industry where 87% of its agents were happy and had the businesses and careers they deserve?”
I can tell you that I have developed a solution.
I have your way to success and most of all I have your way to Happiness. I know this because it’s exactly what my Program has done for me and a number of agents I have coached and mentored over the past 22 plus years.
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Need More Proof?

“Meeting Mike has changed my life for the better in so many ways. When I came to him seeking help, I did not anticipate the overwhelming response that he offered. It was like I put a dollar in a change machine and instead of giving me four quarters I got a hundred dollars. He has changed my outlook on life and opened up a multitude of possibilities. My life is so much better with him in it.” -Thaddeus Shakoor

“I've been involved in a number of coaching programs in my real estate career, and what's important to me about coaching with Mike is that he doesn't try to fit you into a scripted system. Mike listens to your concerns and questions, helps you figure out why you're in this business and discover what's holding you back. He then creates a specific plan to take massive action to overcome those challenges and achieve your goals.” -William LaFave

"Mike has such a calm and personal demeanor. He kept me accountable all the way through the process and led me to some amazing realizations about myself. He also helped to put me on my current path which I would have never believed I could do. Huge shout out to Mike and I highly recommend his coaching!" - Clay Drake

"Mike has been an integral part of "pushing me out of the nest". I'm still in the infancy stage of my Real Estate career, but he's been a tremendous source of insight, encouragement, and knowledge. He's helped me get my "mind right" - and to focus on what's really important in life - and to really help discover "my why"...I look forward to working together with Mike as I get my Real Estate career off the ground and breaking the sound barrier! Thanks for all you do Mike!" -Kris Edel


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