Most Real Estate Agents Know What They Need To Do Daily...

But For Some Reason They Just Don't.

I Have Created A Framework That Helps Agents Produce A Consistent Pipeline Of Business That Funds Their Perfect Life.

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Have You Been Frustrated With:

  • Worrying about where the…Next deal is coming from

  • Worrying about the lack of leads

  • Having anxiety and stress paralyze you at times

  • Feeling like you are wasting time with all the lead generation sources and not gaining any traction or momentum

  • Feeling like there is not enough time in the day

  • Feeling like you are earning minimum wage in an industry that has unlimited earning potential

  • Are you feeling like or have felt like throwing in the towel and get a “Real Job”

I Can Tell You I Have And So Have So Many Of The Agents I Have Worked With Over The 24+ Years And Counting!

And I Have Developed A Solution That Will Double YOUR Business And Most Importantly YOUR NET $$$ In 90 Days!

Are You Ready To Have A Real Estate Business That You Can Brag About?

It's As EASY As 1,2,3...

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This is the Launch Phase of your growth potential!

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This is the Momentum Phase

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This is the Mastery Phase where together we will build a business that funds your perfect life!

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What Clients Are Saying

“Meeting Mike has changed my life for the better in so many ways. When I came to him seeking help, I did not anticipate the overwhelming response that he offered. It was like I put a dollar in a change machine and instead of giving me four quarters I got a hundred dollars. He has changed my outlook on life and opened up a multitude of possibilities. My life is so much better with him in it.” -Thaddeus Shakoor

Mike has such a calm and personal demeanor. He kept me accountable all the way through the process and led me to some amazing realizations about myself. He also helped to put me on my current path which I would have never believed I could do. Huge shout out to Mike and I highly recommend his coaching! -Clay Drake

Mike has been an integral part of "pushing me out of the nest".  I'm still in the infancy stage of my Real Estate career, but he's been a tremendous source of insight, encouragement, and knowledge.  He's helped me get my "mind right" - and to focus on what's really important in life - and to really help discover "my why" -Kris Edel

“I've been involved in a number of coaching programs in my real estate career, and what's important to me about coaching with Mike is that he doesn't try to fit you into a scripted system.  Mike listens to your concerns and questions, helps you figure out why you're in this business and discover what's holding you back.  He then creates a specific plan to take massive action to overcome those challenges and achieve your goals.” -William LaFave


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Who is Mike Secord

Mike has been in Sales / Leadership Coaching for over 22 years.He is a perpetual learner and is focused on developing his sales skills along with his leadership skills. After 7 years as a top sales agent, he changed gears and obtained his Broker's License and took on a real estate sales management role with CENTURY 21 Town and Country.  In 2009 he was given the opportunity to join Keller Williams as a Team Leader.  He has successfully led high producing and award winning offices and has successfully recruited over 300 agents into the business.  In 2015 he was asked by one of the industry’s top producers, Jeff Glover, to help him expand his team and brand. In late 2017 Mike accepted the role of Vice President of Sales and Broker for Arterra Realty which is focused solely on reinventing both the Client and Customer experience. Mike brought systems and training to this small up start brokerage and helped increase Sales Volume by 37% and Listings Taken by 44% year over year.

Mike is now focused on taking all that he has learned from his sales and leadership success and failures, and is on a mission to help change people's lives through mindset and action.

Mike feels very strongly about surrounding himself with quality people of high integrity and thrives on helping others to improve themselves. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of his clients by putting their needs first and foremost, along with developing those he is in business with so they can achieve greatness beyond their beliefs.

Mike has been married to his wife for 23 years and is the proud father of two children, a 18 year old daughter and a 13 year old son.  In his spare time you can find him rooting them on at dance competitions and on the soccer field.

I Bring Agents Closer To Their Perfect Life Through The Power Of Daily Focus On 3 Simple, Yet Powerful Principles That Equal SUCCESS.


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Focus daily on Success starts with M.I.N.D.S.E.T. (MAKE a stand,Nothing IS impossible,NEVER give up, DETERMINED to do this, SOMETHING worth having deserves a full effort, EACH day is a new opportunity).

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Be an ACTIONMINDS Agent by believing in “Going to Work Daily” -

“Do or Do Not, There is NO Try”

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To complete the journey and to ensure sustainable momentum we commit to “Being Held Accountable to YOUR Goals” - by remembering that we must - “Focus on the Plan Not The Problem” - and remember - “Success Is Simple Not Easy

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